The term “Disqualified Person” includes virtually anyone having a direct or indirect relationship to the plan other than as a participant or beneficiary. Under Internal Revenue Code Section 4975, the principal categories of Disqualified Persons are:

  • The IRA participant (holder)
  • The IRA participant’s spouse
  • The IRA’s participant’s ancestors and lineal descendants (mother/father/daughter/son)
  • Spouses of the IRA participant’s lineal descendants (son/daughter’s spouse)
  • Fiduciaries of the plan (custodian or trustee)
  • Investment managers and advisors
  • Any corporation, partnership, trust, or estate in which the IRA holder has a 50% or greater interest

Note: According to Internal Revenue Code Section 4975, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends are not included in the definition of Disqualified Persons.

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